Detailed maps of the Willow View grounds are available for free at the Administration Building, or you can download a PDF version that you can print. To Print out a Map of Willow Views Grounds Click Here

Willow View Grounds

This peaceful and historic cemetery offers families a wide variety of services that include traditional interments as well as urn burials, niches, and scatter gardens.  The cemetery also manages one of the oldest cemeteries in Dayton OH.

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You have choices at Willow view Cemetery.

You have choices at Willow View Cemetery. Making decisions before need on type of memorialization and purchase of memorial property allows you and your loved ones to rest assured that an informed and the best decision was made. For more than 100 years, Willow View Cemetery has provided caring, and courteous service to families. Please see  below for more information about our specific services:

No flowers or other ornaments, designs, pots or objects may remain upon any lot after the same have become withered, soiled or unsightly. In case of the failure of the owner of any grave to remove any such flowers or other unsightly objects the Association shall have the right to remove the same.
No fence, iron trellis, railing post, chain, glassware, wire arches or other objects in any form are permitted or shall be placed on any grave. The Association reserves the right to remove the same.
Placing artificial flowers, designs and wreaths are permitted from November 1st to March 1st. All pots, wreaths, artificial flowers, etc. placed on graves on Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Memorial Day will be removed 7 days later. Cut flowers are permitted at all times. No artificial flowers or wreaths are permitted from March 1st to November 1st.
Selling of flowers or plants or soliciting the sale of any commodity is not permitted within the confines of the cemetery property. The management shall have the right to order
the persons to vacate the cemetery property.

our flower policies

The management and employees of the Association have the right at all times to enter upon any grave for maintaining, cleaning and policing the same.
No trees, shrubbery or plants shall be placed upon or removed from any lot except with the consent of the Association. Planting of trees or shrubs is permitted in monument space only. Nowhere in the cemetery shall plantings be allowed upon graves or in walkways. The Association will not be responsible in any way for trees or shrubs planted by the grave owner and reserves the right to remove any which have become unsightly or overgrown.