Prearranging your funeral allows you to show your love in a way your family will never forget. By taking care of all the details yourself – and well in advance – your preplanned funeral will exemplify the selfless love and generosity you have shown your loved ones throughout your life.

Nobody is eager to reach the day of their funeral, but taking control of that inevitable step and organizing your final wishes is simply the right thing to do for yourself and for your family. Completing the preplanning process will create a great sense of clarity, joy, and pride. You’ll have a renewed energy to live your life to its fullest with knowledge that you have accomplished something that your family will remember lovingly when the time comes.

Getting started is easy. Contact us and take the first steps toward this special gift of peace and love that will have a lasting impact on you and your loved ones’ lives.

By preplanning and prefunding your funeral you address funeral costs today and lessen the financial burden for your family down the road. Many people assume savings or life insurance will cover their final expenses. Funerals must be paid for upfront though and many life insurance policies or bank accounts aren’t accessible to families until well after funeral services are rendered. By funding your funeral in advance, you lock in the price of your specific wishes at current prices, avoiding rising costs caused by inflation. You can then enjoy the rest of your life confident in the financial relief you’ll give to your loved ones.

Why Prearrange?